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11:29 a.m. - 2002-02-12
He Thought He Was A Body
He thought he was a body

Powered by a brain

Never gave much thought to others

Altruism, innane

So it came as quite a shock

Floating near the ceiling

Looking at the operating table

His body beyond healing

He looked at how they worked so hard

And saw feelings with those tears

They hardly even knew him

All those medical peers

He began mulling over

the gravity of it all

When something more strange happened

An opening in the wall

He went in unafraid,

Filling with such strange peace

Gathering speed as he went

Till destination reached

There he saw old Joe,

Grandpa, Gramma too

They wouldn't let him in

There's work for you to do

You're given this gift

It comes with a price

You only have to share it

And that will be suffice

And he entered in that painful body

Opened up his eyes

"I love you everybody".... was heard

By twelve incredulous staring eyes.


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