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4:36 p.m. - 2002-02-23
driving north
I drove north 1600 miles over the last three days, alone. It wasn't the first time yet, it was perhaps the most difficult drive. It rained/snowed the entire distance. One morning I got in the car at 4:30 am. It was pouring rain! The "check transmission NOW", light came on, blinking at first and then stayed on....There was no place to pull off. I was in the mountains. Then, the "service engine NOW" light came on as well. In the dark rain, I managed to find trucker's weigh area to pull into. No one got out to help, the weather so inclement. AAA pulled me into a town in Tennessee. The mechanic told me I had two choices, a new transmission or wait a few days and another outlet might be able to pull this transmission apart and 'perhaps' fix it. The first option was 'several thousand dollars', since I had a 'luxury' car. It didn't feel like a luxury car at that moment. I answered 'yeah right' to the first option and spoke to the other mechanic on the phone. The code on the machine that read what was wrong with the vehicle turned out to be something that I could temporarily disregard. The car could be driven. with that...later. Surprisingly, after a few hundred miles, both lights went out.....hmmmm...perhaps just the wires were wet or something. The car had been stalling when it was wet before. I haven't checked it out yet but......I'm thinking a lot about the mechanic who pushed for the 'several thousand dollar' option.


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