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11:38 a.m. - 2002-03-18
And the Avatar said to the part

Isolated you cease to see

Distance has resulted in veiling

Clouding the memory

Space-time being human contexts

In split individuality

Past image seen by the senses

Not earthly present re al i ty

One is who you really are, yet a part

One is what you will always be

You don't have to create the opposite

Remembering will set you free

It is not a matter of doing

Look to e ter ni ty

What you want is to be.... creating

Truth from primary state...Be

Look up....see the past now arriving

Light reaching the sensors, the eyes

Yet it's all really happening right now

Time space creates distance--surprise?

Creator, what is your image

Shaping in mind so vaguely

Yet full blossom it bursts like an atom..

Let it slip, it will cease to be

You call me a name...Avatar

You see me as separate from you

Space Time realize are contexts

Be the cause, not effect

I'm like you


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