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9:08 a.m. - 2002-07-01
Lesson learned
Yet more musings---In reflecting on the last entry, I become aware of some of the concepts of soul, learned many ways, secular and spiritual.

The first is being aware of your own center, that inner Self that connects and transcends....the highest Self inside....become true to my own self and awareness knowing that it also has a negative side. We have emotions, imaginations, paradoxical mind and so on but also a true center...where we know that we, genuine, honest, true. When truly centered, it is from this place our best decisions are made, not some outer source, inside or out.(no, I didn't make a mistake here)

The second is responsibility. Again it is not not responsibility to some outer place but to the true person inside. That is not to say we will not make bad decisions, the mind, emotions, imaginations have a sway of their own and can be very powerful, negative and positive, but through Kal power, even the negative decisions can be a powerful learning tool...the dark side can bring light too but in circular fashion.

Last, allegiance, allegiance to your own inner Self, giving allegiance where you decide but expecting nothing in return. If you expect something back, you lose your freedom. Freedom to choose is our greatest gift. It is also what differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We live in an age of victimology and where people have unreasonable expectations. Some are true victims but many who claim this status are not. It is an escape from the responsibility of their decisions. This escape robs them of freedom.

The lessons are inside but sometimes they are wrapped in a shrouded fog and I must make again concentrated effort to discover them once more.


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