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7:38 a.m. - Thursday, Jul. 24, 2003
This morning I woke up with Elena's words in my ears. Her lover had told her that he was not crazy about her after he had spoken to his sister. Before speaking to his sister, he was very taken with her. Elena was 61.

At the time I wondered what actually happened, what pull was more powerful that their beautiful relationship.

Now I wonder again but other reasons. Are men still at that age so immature, or perhaps do they want a sexual cutsey rather than a life long loving companion? Most of us realize that our urges are diminishing a bit and adapt to the changes. Most of us realize that someone who is a wonderful companion through later life is much more valuable than rubies. How could it not be so? Why do so many give up the richest things in life in search of the wind.

Yet, not all try to grasp the illusive and I must believe it is the many not the few that see.


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