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9:00 a.m. - Thursday, Apr. 22, 2004
May 1st Geese Landing
Only the end part of the dream do I recall waking up this morning.

There were geese flying and landing and someone with us was talking about them.

We looked up and sure enough there were two beautiful flocks of geese getting reading to land.

One group landed right in front of us and I was so excited. The geese had faces like a bobcat. They looked so lovely. I said something like, "There they are, they land around the first of May every year! I love seeing them come come in the spring. It's such a joyful event." Or perhaps I just though about what was said by me. I don't know. After all, it was a dream. One thing I do know is that I miss being there. I especially miss Michele.

Dreams are tropes -tropes of metonymy, synecdoche, metaphor, and irony...and the linchpin in understanding.


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