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10:24 a.m. - Thursday, Jun. 24, 2004
As love is your crowning

So too, love is your crucifixion

Yet the highest of all spiritual paths

Our greatest attainment

For in our mate

We find...


Their eyes...tell us who we are

Our eyes.....tell them who they are

In that relationship, carefully travelled....

We find heaven

We find health

We find growth

We learn

the difference between pseudo love

and innocent, pure love

Oh, Lord, teach me not only to love

but also, to be-loved

Oh, Lord, open the eyes of my beloved

So that we might dance

The intimate dance of highest life, together

After independence

Comes interdependence

The end of spirituality...

is the wisdom of interdependent, dancing, pure love


In my childhood, perhaps I came closer to pure love

But I needed to grow

I needed to experience

the marshes, the mountains, the valleys, the dark caverns..

the horrors as well as sublime delights

the narrowness as well as the fullness ..

Before the clarity ...of pure love...with the most inimtate love of life

It's beyond a mere feeling, yet feeling

It's beyond mere thoughts, mere words

It's being..caught up

It's being..determined but in a gentle sense, gentle strength

It's more a relaxing letting go, than a hanging on

It's accepting the cruxifixions knowing

That beyond them...

Is our greatest achievement...


1:58 p.m. - Friday, Dec. 26, 2003
what do I want
What do I want?

To be loved….to love… an intimate relationship unparalled..

To be chased around the bedroom ….

To look into your eyes to see my love returned....with fire

To cherish, be….

To face each day with spirit, strength, joy! no matter what irritations arise

To watch the sunset, moon rise and feel what I used to feel …with a blanket of warmth rising, over flowing

What do I want? - my child to be safe, happy, at ease

What do I want? - my mate to be honored, respected, fulfilled

What do I want? - life….spiritual life…coming out of my eyes, through the top of my head and circling to those around until it returns to be once again

Oh, love….so much you offer each one of us…..what can compare to love….

Not wealth, not riches, not sex….although all can be good….but no, they can’t compare…

I look around at recent events…...out there I do not see fire but ice, absence of light just haze….

But here… in a small dark shelf in my heart….

Love still lives, still breathes, still beats a light but steady pace, still waits to ignite…

Rise Oh, love

Fall on that which is worthy

Only gently touch that which is not…hoping

But live…

Continue to live… me.


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