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10:51 p.m. - Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2002
In the image, a composite was projected, a whole picture, mostly wrong, imaginations often are.....although, he looked as I expected him to, like his picture. That was no surprise, a handsome man, square firm chin....decisive, clear eyes, one minute penetrating, next soft, a sign of intelligence. The kind of intelligence that reveals only what he wishes but how he wishes..... not in a cold calculating, that is not him at all. His knowledge is not second hand, outside in, though he has plenty of that. Richly gifted intuition is his first and foremost guide and when he trusts it, his power is most prevalent....and he is wholly powerful, more I suspect, than he knows and it is tempered, tempered by his gentleness, his other strength, along with resolve. No, he is not what I suspected, but much more, that I quiver.


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