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Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, England, Biochemistry Lecturer Cambridge - Morphic Field

When something happens twice, it will happen again.
According to this theory, when the same thing repeats itself, a morphic field is formed, and resonance with this morphic field increases the likelihood that the event will happen again. A morphic field is not energy-based information but more like a blueprint for building a house.
Dr. Sheldrake has proposed that events are also capable of resonating in the same way that a sound resonates. He refers to the location where such events take place as the morphic field...and the phenomena of repeated similar events are morphic resonance. It explains the mysteries that traditional science has been unable to deal with.
eg. glycerin crystals were though not to crystalize but one day enroute from Vienna to London they did and a short time later in another location they crystallized as well. It is now generally accepted that glycerin forms crystals when temperature drops below 17 degrees C or 63F. The thought goes like this:
When the crystals first formed for whatever reason, a morphic field was created. Eentually all glycerin in compliance with the morphic FIELD started to form crystals. This type of phenomenon has occurred in many other substances as well.
Despite all the randomness in the world, once a substance begins to form drystals, then it often becomes common for it to form crystals thereafter.
In another experiment (pg 94) it tells us that when someone becomes aware of something, other people also ten to become aware. It was the effect of the morphic field that led to the remarkable increase in correct responses.
Once the morphic field is formed, it will have an instantaneous impact on all other locations...resulting in an instantaneous worldwide change.

Think about the effect that observation has on the observed and the emotion at the time.


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