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9:04 a.m. - Saturday, Apr. 23, 2005
The beauty in the midst of it was so staggering.
The beauty in the midst of it was so staggering.
At the end of the afternoon of a particularly difficult day, I headed out the back door and into my car to drive the half mile to my empty lot down a lonely dirt road. I had just learned that my husband and best friend had been seeing each other for seven months. My feelings had not yet run the gammut but the storm had gathered. As I got into my car and stepped on the gas peddle the tears exploded, a Niagara explosion and I pulled over to the side to gather the strength needed to drive. After a few moments my deeper thouhts gathered , black and heavy, my shoulders slumped, my face felt numb and I started to drive over the little cement bridge that separated the summer camp from my home property. The bridge was narrow and had no side rails and although less careful than usual, I spotted something. There on the side was something you see in magazines now and then, a most beautiful flower growing in the least expected place. It was dancing in the wind amongst the ragged crevices and rocks lining the bridge. It didn't belong, like this new event in my beautiful life but the flower was so staggeringly beautiful that I knew it was a blessing. At the moment, the timeless moment, those moments that last forever in memory, all I could say was "Thank You".


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