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10:53 p.m. - Thursday, May. 27, 2004
How do you manage deep sadness
How do you manage deep sadness?

Sadness that lies bone deep

Sadness that weighs heavily on flesh

Flesh, way too tired, too long

And what about anger..

Anger that stills it's sound

But not anger's resonance..

Threatening to implode...saturated with grief..with rage...with love

How do YOU manage 'this'...

I ask myself...

What can be learned from 'this'..

...these painful, painful unrequite feelings?

I don't know...

Love is such a.....driving....force...

Even misdirected.

Even shunned..

Even shamed..

By its loving..

Yet, love is beauty, light, goodness

One...source of all we strive for...

Love...ability to love...

inner treasure beyond all else..

that truly matters..

Without love..

What are we?

So I welcome love...

So I host it in my finest room

Or perhaps, it hosts me?


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