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4:23 p.m. - Monday, Dec. 12, 2005
A Short List of Realities - ICR 87

We can only manifest positive realities, or push them away. Part of the
lesson in this earth life is to experience the illusion of separateness and
also to experience absences (as opposed to essences).

This is a list of some essences in life, and the "opposite" or the term we
use to describe the absence of that essence, or reality. Remember that
each term on the right literally has no existence - they are not entities
and have no positive reality.

If you really want to learn to create your reality, learn what is real and
what is not!

Light, Dark
Heat, Cold
Abundance, Poverty
Health, Sickness
Faith, Doubt
Love, Fear
Onenesss, Separateness
Wholeness, Fragmentation
Present, Past and Future
Good, Evil
Pleasure, Pain
God, Devil
Righteousness, Sin
Spirit, Ego
Joy, Misery



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