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8:46 p.m. - Tuesday, Apr. 15, 2003
Tell me now
Do you know where you are? In the forest of our lives, you have spread out a blanket. I have brought cheese and wine. We dance among the trees which share our joy.

It’s 4pm and home can be reached by sunset if we hurry. Can I come home with you and sit by the fire while you play a tune through eternity? I can go but your company, I’ll miss. It’s not irons and shackles I’m after…what are they to do with a spirit like me. I don’t need….desire….is another word….my desire has to do with belonging, gentle belonging….like a stroking of a forehead….like a whisp of a true smile… radiating warmth of a heart….like love….love…such a simple outflowing word….settling…serene

If I must be, and I must…I desire to be alongside…….you……

Yes, you must tell me…you must tell me …


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