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12:27 p.m. - Saturday, Feb. 07, 2004
A word's worth..
Rbt Dilts said, "A word is worth a thousand pictures"

Say any word, a mental picture forms. Words work in eliciting or anchoring associations to sensory-based referents. They evoke memories. They work as anchors triggering our representatonal screen.

A word is worth a thousand pictures. I learned this from Michael Hall. This is not to say the opposite is not true as well. Just that this too is true.

Words can trigger classes of things, mental frames and frameworks taking us higher in the matrices of our mind as we search for understanding, meaning. Each qualifier allows us the opportunity to go higher and higher into a new meta state frame. Then new meanings are born beyond the sum of the parts and knowledge is filtered and changes all the way down to the first word.


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