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8:17 p.m. - 2002-02-13
When does the seeking end, my friend?

When does the seeking end? Circling up round, down and then over, and over and over again

Learning and growning and growing, my friend,

Does the seeking ever, ever end?


You must remain an "It"..for security,

For if an "it" and only if, there is some certainty.

Yet, you must remain a "Thou",

Ideas, lust can't intervene,

Not objectified but in relation, Nothing in between.

I need you to be both?

But only one I can achieve!

Although "It" gives me identity,

I'm whole when I perceive,


But Thou is mystery...

By Grace I only see...

And the paradox, revealed at last

is you are always both to me.


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