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9:24 a.m. - Thursday, Apr. 22, 2004
dreams, thoughts, words, wishes
Any rhetoric, spoken or written, is open to interpretive risk"

This I know in my heart experienced as thoughts, words, wishes, dreams of mine are related back to me, not as they are, not as I feel them, not as intended but something other....when negative, disappointment is most difficult to bear for I know my heart and at its root, is love.

Yet, I've also caught myself now and then in trying to sort out an issue, become confused, sometimes listening to others rather than my own heart, sometimes saying what I want rather than what is and thereby deceived by my own self.

We all do this. How necessary to keep growing in knowledge of oneself. As we grow we learn that at our core is love, truth and wisdom...Some call it..God in Us. Often we do not listen but turn our thoughts and heads in another direction or try to follow someone else..and every one else's path is singular...we have an individual path to follow...ours alone.


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