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6:42 p.m. - Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2004
The mid afternoon dream

We were in a car, surrounded by other cars in various angles so that it was almost impossible to drive away.

There was a beach ahead on the right. It was sunny. I had had a dream but right then I heard Michele crying. She was in another car and had been sleeping and that is why we had not wakened her. As I approached the car she was in I saw the door was open and she was holding something but I'm not sure what it was, perhaps a furry toy. I picked her up lovingly and took her to our car.

I told you about the dream that threatened the water rising so high from the ocean that it may even be higher than the car and we would have a hard time getting away. (emotionally overwhelmed?) You said nothing. I said that we would see first thing in the morning if it looked like a storm and then get out of there fast. I woke up. My attempt to unravel the mystery--feel free to help. We are in a car - something that goes somewhere - together we were going somewhere - lots of other things going on around us, very busy, almost hectic. Beach ahead to the right - A place I love with sunshine -- it is good. I have high hopes of something good but have been warned of something else on the horizon that could overwhelm and turn what is good into something disastrous. Michele is 4 years old in the dream (something omitted above). At four, I was taken from my family and went someplace else unknown. It was disastrous and these feelings are currently coming back with this new situation. Also, my father had been in a vehicle accident and was never to come home again so he would never be there for me. (Is this part of the masculine side in me I search for?) Michele holding on to something....the child part of me is still holding onto something for security and I think that perhaps what brought security as a child may not be what a current adult needs. Other interpretation may be that it is a furry toy, not something 'real' and it brings the characters in the dream to 4, meaning complete or whole. The adult in me comes to her to rescue and console and make a plan. Although I tell my story to the masculine parts of me, my masculine side does not act immediately and get out of the danger (is there something wrong with my strong side?). So the feminine, nurturing side of me comes up with a plan, perhaps pleading the other side to act the next morning but right now it is a 'wait and see' and that may be a dangerous position...yet, we are hemmed in. Could we escape on foot?


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