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8:27 p.m. - Tuesday, Apr. 15, 2003
Is there a green meadow
Patience, I can handle if I know the path leads to a green meadow

But darkness prevails, branches smite face, legs

My step is much slower than at first

Do you hear?

We walk, sometimes hand-in-hand

Sometimes out front

Sometimes behind

No matter…we walk within reach

It’s pleasant..

It’s pleasant…

Where is the meadow?

Is there a green meadow?

Smooth rock upholds me, thoughts circulate

Conflicted is a word gone by

I make no room for it

Decisions—mine, mine alone

I want to stay….yet not at any cost

Been there..

Life, living, joy even amongst the discards

Someone else’s leftover ash

Now….rising…a shaft temporarily pausing between temples

Rising….joy….wordless prayer…incense to God


Love…’s own reward

I stand.


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